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Updating your child's information

If you have had any changes recently to your address, phone numbers or emergency contacts please contact the office. Also if you have a new person picking up your child in the afternoon please contact the teacher or school to let them know.

Morning routine

Reminder and update on morning routines; All students are to move to the school hall if they arrive between 8.15-8.35am. A teacher will be on duty to supervise. Students will be dismissed from the hall on the 8.35am Bell, where they will place their bags outside of their classroom and move to either the Infants or Primary playground. Any student that arrives from 8.35am onwards may go straight to their room, place bags down and then proceed to the playground where there will be supervision.

Book Club 

Book Club:

  • run by some dedicated P&C members. 
  • an ongoing fund raiser for the Library.
  • brochures out once a Term.


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